• "Az ajánlatkérést követő gyors szervezésnek köszönhetően, már másnap átvehettem Hollandiából megrendelt árumat."
  • "Kapcsolattartóm a nap bármely időszakában készséggel rendelkezésemre áll."
  • "Precíz rakodó munkatársaiknak köszönhetően új irodánkban a tervezettnél előbb megkezdhettük munkánkat."
  • "A külföldi partnereimmel történő kapcsolattartással nagy terhet vesznek le a vállamról."
Welcome to the homepage of Hannah Logistics Ltd!

Our Company has a complete hungarian leadership, and has the taks to fulfill a high quality of services to the customers. Hannah Logistics Ltd. helps you and your company with punctually, accurate and economically solutions in transportation, carriage and with all tasks in the logistics services.
Our trusted, constantly controlled subcontractor offers help in completing our services. In all cases, we aspire to offer our principal, quink and quality service, and we handle problematic cases effective.

Our colleagues have much experience in vehicular-, marine transport.
On request, conciliation and contact can be hold on the following languages: English, German, Romanian, Cambodian, and Vietnam.


Vehicular transport in all countries in Europe:

  • Export, import, transit transfer arrangements
  • Complete cargo formation
  • Part cargo formation
  • Fridge transport
  • Collective transport
  • Your goods will be tracked via GPS-system in 24h a day
Domestic- Vehicular transport arrangement:
  • We provide carriage of smaller consignments in any part of Hungary, in 24 hours from the collect time.
Storage and clearance services

ADR- freight consulation and transfer arrangement, using the newest EU law

Oversea export and import, collective or complete transport of containers (size 20’ and 40’), overall with ship and vehicular transports:
  • Our staff (with over 10 years experience) will arange you all kind of transports between any destinations on the earth.
  • We handle all container-transports from any dock to any destination.
  • On request, your goods will be transported in special universal-containers.
Advice giving in Logistics

Cheap and quick, fully comprehensive insurance

  • Providing stevedores, and your goods

We hope to have waken your interest with our short introduction, and to have an opportunity for a future cooperation!

Hannah Logistics Kft.

1152 Budapest, Szentmihályi út 171.,
China Mart II/2.62c

Mailing address:
1152 Budapest, Szentmihályi út 171., China Mart II/2.62c

+36 (1) 920-0996

+36 (1) 920-0997